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Does A Golfer Need A Playlist?

I know if you were to look at my music folder on my phone or my Ipod, I have a number of playlists.  I like to pick the type of music I listen to depending on what I am doing. We hear music at sporting events when teams are warming up.  Are they the teams or stadiums, I am not sure.  I have talked to family and friends who have certain playlists for when they are running, and maybe a different one if they are lifting weights.

Does a golfer have a playlist when they are warming up at the range or practicing on the green.  I was curious and did some research.  Rickie Fowler and Rory McIroy both have Avicii, followed by artists such as Imagine Dragons and Aloe Blacc.  Michelle Wie like a group Tech N9ne and Far East Movement.

Music is something that can help you relax, concentrate and get you in the zone.  Next time you come out to hit the range or practice facility, Bring your earphone and playlist.  Try different types of music, see if there is one that can connect with you, where it helps you connect with the ball.