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March Madness

It’s March!   

When March comes around, here at the course level, we are hoping for spring like weather and not a last stunt from old man winter with a few inches of snow.  However, for many people, March is focused on college basketball with the March Madness Tournament.

March Madness is coming, starting with round 1 on the 15th and 16th.  Will you fill out a bracket, or maybe the question should be posed with, how many brackets you will fill out?  One for work, one with friends?  How do you fill out your bracket?  Do you look at wins and losses?  What seed the team is in?  Or do you pick teams at random? 

I, myself, end up filling out a bracket each year, mostly for fun.  I do not follow college basketball close enough to make educated picks.  I like to fill out my bracket somewhat randomly, I do choose my few favorites each year, and usually does not help me at all, but I stay loyal. 

Any Cinderella stories this year?  How many upsets will happen?  Did you predict those upsets?  So many different outcomes can come from this type of tourney. 

Good Luck to each of you who fill out a bracket.  Check in with out Facebook page during the tournament to add your comments to some of our posts while we follow our favorites to the end.