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Summer Storms

It is that time of year, when the days are hot and the evening has a threat of strong storms to pass through.   We saw our first BIG one on Saturday evening, it came through around 7:30 when luckily the course was not filled with golfers.  We saw some damage, with a tree down on the railing at the ladies tees on hole 9.  Some limbs and leaves were littering the golf course.  We were fortunate enough not to see any damage to the buildings.

Yesterday, we had a heat index above 100 degrees, yes it was hot.  Another storm came through the area and hit Manassas Park hard.  The community lost power, along with phone and tv service. Great job to the companies to restore service as quickly as they could.  We came in to work this morning, with full power, phone and internet services were not interrupted, so we could do our jobs when we opened.  However the course did not handle the storm as well.  At the time of opening today, we had to have our Back 9 closed due to some trees being down and blocking cart paths.  We had a few trees and big limbs down on the front 9, that our maintenance crew quickly got taken care of to allow play on the front.  At around 9:30 Mark came in to tell me that the back 9 was open for play. 

Please be careful if you are out playing in the late afternoon or evening when a storm is forecasted or even coming through.  We would like you to safely make it back to the clubhouse and wait out the storm. 

My though in writing this article, was to give an Amazing Shout Out to Mark and his maintenance crew for the continued hard work they put into our course to make it look awesome.  They all work very hard and this morning they worked just as hard to make sure all 18 holes were open as soon as possible.  Thank you guys!